10 Trump Trolls You Definitely Need To Follow Immediately

If you’re like me, funny makes your world go ’round. And these days politics with a heaping side of humor is the only light on in a very dark world. So here’s a list of my absolute favorite people who are currently trolling Donald Trump into the ground.

10. Stonekettle @StonekettleAs a blogger, this veteran is top-notch and he has hilariously and intelligently taken on such topics as the right-wing militias and the hypocrisy of the right-wing on social programs. You can find his website here.  But when it comes to trolling the right-wing on Twitter, he is all over it and definitely worth following.

9. Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski: Posnanski is one of Trump’s most prolific trolls. The man is freaking hilarious! Most recently he scored some internet points when he got into an internet fight with Scott Baio. (Of course, these days, who hasn’t gotten into a social media fight with Chachi? I have). While Tony’s entrance into political Trolldom has been recent with the rise of Trumpoleon, he has been no stranger on the internet through the years, where he’s been published over 100 times and featured on CNN and Huffpost as a blogger.

8. Christopher Moore: @TheAuthorGuy Christopher Moore is one of my favorite fiction authors with my favorite book being Lamb, a funny yet endearing story of Jesus Christ from childhood to man-savior told by his best friend Biff. Seriously, read it if you’re looking for a good book. But as much as I love Moore as an author I was delighted to find he’s a hilarious Trump troll and also shares a hatred with me for Ted Cruz because he’s creepy as hell.

7. Chest Strongwell: @strongchestwell This guy is one funny motherfucker and your life is not complete unless you follow him. Chest was blocked by Trump way back when the future president was just a boring reality star, but that hasn’t stopped Chest from trolling the everloving f*ck out of Trump.

6. Andy Richter: @AndyRichter I’ve always loved Andy Richter as Conan O’Brian’s hilarious sidekick or in his various appearances on Malcolm in the Middle, Arrested Development and 30 Rock. Now, on Twitter he makes me giggle every day over his trolling of Trump and Republicans in general.

5. Bess Kalb: @bessbell This lady is seriously funny and I’ve featured her multiple times here at GOPocalypse. She treats Trump like he’s her bratty child that only a mother could love and attempt to offer guidance to his worst instincts. I live for her singsong rhymes to help Trump remember important things. Yet despite their sugary tone, they always cut right down to the bone.

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4. John Schindler: @20committee John Schindler is a former NSA analyst who offers up a deep insight into the spy game, the Kremlin and what the Russia scandal means for the Trump administration. He’s also pretty funny when he starts in on Trump’s fans for their misspelled pathetic attempts at trolling him. But while he’s got a great sense of humor you should definitely follow him for his introspective takes on what is going on behind the scenes in the Intelligence Community.

3. Ashley Feinberg @ashleyfeinberg This lady seriously makes me laugh out loud all the time. She’s a former writer for Gawker, now a writer at Gizmodo since Gawker went bankrupt thanks to Hulk Hogan. Feinberg’s Twitter feed is non-stop trolling of Republicans and Trump, and you need to follow her IMMEDIATELY.

2. Keith Olbermann: @KeithOlbermann Former MSNBC host now host for an online show for GQ, Olbermann has gone for the jugular on the Trump administration. He is vicious, hard-hitting and thorough, but he also has a funny streak and has been hilariously trolling Trump since his return to political commentary last year.

And the #1 Trump troll spot goes to…

Michael Ian Black: @michaelianblack You may remember Michael Ian Black from VH1’s Where are they now? and I love the 80s shows, his appearances in Reno 911!, his role in Wet, Hot American Summer or his stand up comedy. Or maybe you thought he was Tom DeLonge from Blink 182 because they’re freaky doppelgängers of each other. More recently, however, he has morphed into one of my favorite Trump trolls and you should definitely be following him on Twitter for the lulz.

There’s my list of favorite trolls. Post your favorite trolls in the comments section because we will all need humor if we’re going to make it through this administration alive with our sanity intact.

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