5 Times Trump Showed The World He’s Not Just Deranged, He’s Probably Senile Too

There is a very real concern that President Donald Trump is leading the free world off of a cliff, not merely because he’s a narcissistic maniac, but also because he honestly doesn’t know any better.

Dr. Steven Beutler, who has spent over 30 years practicing medicine, confessed that he’s “notice[d] Trump’s bizarre, volatile behavior,” over the last two years he’s been constantly under observation by the American populous.

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Beutler explains that his first clue that something was off with Trump was that he seems to have concerning mental problems. “Many medical conditions exhibit their first symptoms in the form of psychiatric issues and personality changes,” he explained in The New Republic.

He goes on to say that it’s entirely possible that Trump even has developed Neurosyphilis where the bacteria spread through the body undetected until the final stages. This often occurs anywhere from 10 to 30 years after infection.

“Commonly recognized symptoms include irritability, loss of ability to concentrate, delusional thinking, and grandiosity,” Beutler explained. “Memory, insight, and judgment can become impaired. Insomnia may occur. Visual problems may develop, including the inability of pupils to react to the light. This, along [with] other ocular pathology, can result in photophobia, dimming of vision, and squinting. All of these things have been observed in Trump. Dementia, headaches, gait disturbances and patchy hair loss can also be seen in later stages of syphilis.”

Here are 5 times Trump showed us that he could have a concerning disease that is causing his brain to misfire and endangering the United States of America.

1. That time he forgot major stuff:

He forgot which country he’d just bombed. He completely missed that former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was sitting across the table from him. There was also the time Trump walked out of his press conference designed to heroically display him signing an executive order and he walked off without signing it.

2. The fact that he doesn’t read:

3. Semantic impairment and syntactic impairment:

The Neurocritic’s psychiatrist explained that the use of simple words and simple sentences is a surefire way to spot dementia.

Comparing the simplicity of words and phrases of two presidents (Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush) observations can be made that chart the decline of Reagan while in office.

The first chart presents the uses of word variety.

Speech patters (Photo: The Neurocritic)

The second chart diagrams the increase in the use of non-specific nouns and random short words stuck in as meaningless fillers. Bush does not exhibit a similar downward turn.

Non-specific words and fillers (Photo: The Neurocritic)

STAT News concluded that these new linguistic challenges that Trump faces compared with some of his appearences on Larry King and David Letterman in the 1980s and 1990s show that this is part of a downward trend. Trump was once an articulate, reasonably intelligent, middle-aged man. What happened could be the diagnosis of his decline.

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4. Sundowning:

A symptom of dementia is sundowning, which those suffering seem agitated and confused more at night. In Sept. 2016, Trump traveled all over the country to tout his major immigration policy initiatives. It began with a meeting in Mexico City and ended with a late-night rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

The day began celebrating the Mexican people and the president who invited him so warmly to the country. It ended with an angry speech railing against “illegal Mexican aliens,” crime in urban areas and low-paying jobs, followed by drug addiction and then a bizarre tangent on teleprompters being banned. In fact, he asserted they should “be outlawed for anyone running for president.”

If this isn’t an example of sundowning, I don’t know what is.

5. Sometimes he needs helping walking:

The greatest of ironies is that Trump spent the 2016 questioning the stamina of his rival Hillary Clinton. He claimed that she was ill and conspiracy theories surrounded non-exhistant diagnoses that were being hidden by those close to her. None of those things were true for Clinton, but they might have been for Trump.

During a recent visit with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump was seen walking through the West Wing Colonnade seemingly being propped up.

Trump is known for having an aversion to slopes or stairs and he needed her help to navigate them. Not exactly the best image for the leader of the free world and absolutely an example of some sort of brain disease.

It’s worth noting that the Alzheimer’s Association identifies “age, family history and heredity” as the most critical risk factors in developing the disease. Trump’s father was diagnosed at 60-years-old, six years prior to his death. His son is now 70 and is serving as the oldest person ever elected to the presidency.

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As someone who’s grandfather suffered a traumatic brain injury that has jumbled his brain into a difficulty remembering things, I can tell you I don’t want him driving, much less sitting behind the wheel of one of the most powerful nations on Earth.

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