Alec Baldwin Goes On Another Beautiful Anti-Trump Tweetfest

In some democracies the losing side in an election forms a “shadow government,” putting out statements and issuing policy positions in response to the party in power. In the U.S. we don’t have such a thing, but if we did, during the Trump era Alec Baldwin would be the man to lead it.

Baldwin, who brilliantly skewers Trump by impersonating him on Saturday Night Live, is as big a fan of Twitter as is the president-elect. And he’s not shy about sharing his opinion. On Friday morning Baldwin went on his latest tweetstorm, offering commentary on a variety of Trump-related issues.

It started with a retweet of a story from The Nation, encouraging Congress to reject Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as a senior advisor. That was followed by these tweets:

As usual some of the responses were from the delusional.

If by “of color” he was referring to the color white, he’s right.

A short time after that the November employment report was released, showing the U.S. had added 178,000 private sector jobs last month. Baldwin notes:

Poor Joe, who responded to that, just can’t math. The 178,000 jobs added figure takes into account any jobs that may have been lost. It’s a net number.

This reply raises a question that is on all our minds:

Then, following a retweet of a graph showing how Indiana unemployment has declined under President Obama, Baldwin called out the sham that is Trump’s Carrier deal in two tweets:

After that tweet Baldwin went silent for the time being. But there’s little doubt that when Trump has something else to say, Baldwin will have a response and it will be beautiful.

Alec Baldwin. America’s one man shadow government.

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