Bankrupter-In-Chief Causing Fl Businesses To Go Broke Thanks To His Refusal To Work Weekends (VIDEO)

Welp, it looks like a really orange someone is causing businesses to go broke because he doesn’t want to keep his ass in Washington D.C. where he belongs. According to some of the business owners around the Tangerine Tyrant’s “Winter White House”  their businesses are losing tens of thousands of dollars every single time Cheeto is in West Palm Beach.

The owner of Southern Helicopters told NBC News that his company is “going broke”:

We’re basically going broke. We were not expecting him to come down almost every weekend.

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You see, whenever Trump is in town, the Secret Service grounds flights out of the Palm Beach County Park Airport. That means that companies like Southern Helicopters are also shutdown. Jonathan Miller, the owner of Stellar Aviation Group which runs the airport, says the whiner-in-chief costs his business $30,000 every single time he decided he can’t POTUS for the weekend. “And I don’t know that my business can sustain heavy losses like that,” Miller said.

Last month the New York Times reported:

A sightseeing business canceled 19 tours and turned away a dozen walk-ins. One flight school business had to scratch $14,000 worth of flight lessons. One company is in negotiations to move its 14-plane fleet out of the county, which would mean a loss of a quarter of the airport’s fuel sales, according to the office’s analysis.

“It’s a very busy airport with a lot of small-business men trying to make a living,” said Bruce Pelly, the airport director for Palm Beach County. “You got flight training, aeronautics, a propeller shop, paint shops, maintenance companies. You got all kinds of businesses going on down there. We are obviously trying whatever we can to get that airport functioning in some form or fashion.

It gets worse…

In addition to the thousands of dollars that he is costing local business owners, Trump is sucking up West Palm Beach taxpayer dollars quicker than his tiny fingers can type out a tweet. Palm Beach County has paid $1.7 million in less than two months for extra security to accommodate Twitler and his entourage. The costs are so high that the county is asking the federal government to reimburse them. That means that taxpayers will still be paying for his vacations, it’ll just be coming from all of us instead of just the citizens in West Palm Beach. Yay for us! I’ve always wanted to throw my money at a giant orange d*ckbag. But, of course, the county hasn’t heard back because let’s be real, The Dumbass doesn’t give two flying f*cks how much he is costing taxpayers.

Watch how Trump is killing businesses, like he is killing America, below:

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