Brilliant Canadians Are Trolling The Ever-Loving Hell Out Of Trump

It’s hard to pinpoint which one Trump’s ideas might be the the stupidest; it’s a bit like asking “which 9.0 Earthquake does the least amount of damage?” The proper answer is, “the one that doesn’t occur in my country,” but since Trump is here — courtesy of the moral nihilists who voted for the man, some of whom were literally stupid enough to think that we needed a 9.0 earthquake to “shake things up” — we don’t have that luxury.

However, if pressed, I’d rank his wall idea right there at the top. It’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard, and this is coming from a guy who sometimes trolls the comments at Breitbart.

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That’s why I’m always happy when I see someone trolling this damn thing — like this small group of individuals in Canada who founded “Trump Wall Solutions.”

So far, over 700 companies have signed up to work on the Trump’s ardent attempt to recreate the Berlin Wall. “Trump Wall Solutions” is one of them. And the listed principal for the company — one might say the company’s “chief architect” — is named Albert Speer.

Speer, for those who fell asleep in history class or missed the History channel back when it was All Hitler, All The Time (you know, back when they did actual history and not “ancient reality aliens TV”), was brought aboard the Nazi party to rebuild Berlin in Hitler’s grand image.

One of the organizers, named Matt, explained it perfectly:

We just thought it was a bit absurd, this whole wall proposal. We figured some kind of parody submission was in order. . . The point is to have a very overtly fascist submission.

“Overtly” is one way to describe it:

A cover page for the draft proposal, in Germanic lettering, calls the project the ‘Tremendous Wall of Trump.’ The mock-ups of the wall show a stark, gray structure adorned with rows of red and white banners with swastikalike ‘T’ logos.

And I bet Trump would take one look at that and say, “It’s perfect. It’s great. It has all the best logos.”

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The Department of Homeland Security, who initially put out the online solicitation, declined to comment. Gee, I wonder why.

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