Couch Full Of Idiots Proves Why You Never Take Financial Advice From Fox News (VIDEO)

When Fox News wants to criticize Democrats, it’s always an interesting experience for a liberal. My favorite part of it is mentally fact checking it to myself in real time. The least enjoyable part is seeing smug people like Steve Doocy and Stuart Varney beaming with pride as they knowingly lie to America, and maybe even themselves just a little.

This is how it went on the most recent round of Fox and Friends, when a couch loaded with several hundred pounds of stupidity tried attacking Hillary on her economic agenda. To call their commentary “fact free” would be like asserting pure water is “low calorie.”

The purpose of the day was to lie about Hillary Clinton. As usual, they wanted to take her words completely out of context just to show she “can’t be trusted.” The single phrase their entire argument was based on was when Hillary said the words “wouldn’t add a penny to the debt.”

As usual, they took what she said completely out of context. Immediately, they attacked Hillary over the fact our debt is projected to grow — if nothing changes — by about $9 trillion over the next decade. Hillary has nothing to do with that. It’s existing spending, not new projects, so this would happen under Donald Trump as well.

Hillary was talking about her tax and investment plan. She intends to spend about $200 billion, but her plan also will raise about $275 billion. She’d be spending more money, have it already paid for, and would actually come out ahead and make our deficit a bit lower. No wonder conservatives hate her plan — it actually works.

The best was yet to come, though. Stuart Varney proved he might be is the stupidest economist ever when he actually said Trump’s plan was better. Other than idiots like Varney that outright refuse to use facts, no economist that is worth listening to has said Trump’s tax plan would be better. It’s worse. Way, way worse.

This is where it gets great. The same source Varney and the other numbskulls used to “prove” their claim about Hillary shows that Trump’s plan will explode our debt by $5.3 trillion more than if we just hovered at current spending.

Below is a graph showing what CRFB (the source Fox cited) says about the projected Clinton and Trump tax and spending plans.


Hillary’s plan is basically spot on with current law. Trump’s plan is much higher. Fox proved itself wrong, yet again.

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It’s really incredible that there are 4 people able to be found who can all see information like this, yet deny it exists. What’s even more remarkable is that Fox News managed to find them all and gather them together onto the same couch. Fox should play Pokemon GO, because they certainly have a talent for locating and capturing rare creatures.

What’s concerning is that Fox has a “business” channel as well. People do watch it, and they might even plan some of their finances around what they hear on the station. I feel bad for anyone that takes advice from Fox about their money, after seeing how badly they did in this example.

Watch the full segment below:

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