Dismayed Trump Voters Tweet About What Losing ACA Means To Them

Regrets, these Trump supporters have a few…

Republicans have already begun their efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, at least part of the health care law’s most popular provisions like the pre-existing clause and letting young adults stay on their parent’s insurance. And, do you know what that rotten tangerine is tweeting about while Americans face losing their health insurance? He’s celebrating!

People are scared they will die. Without a viable healthcare plan 45,000 Americans will go back to dying every year because they will forgo treatment until it’s too late — and our next Commander-in-Chief is dizzy with delight.

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But guess what? It isn’t just liberal Democrats who have benefited from “Obamacare.” Republicans need affordable health care, too! And they aren’t celebrating the fact that Donald Trump promised them on the campaign trail to keep many of the popular provisions in the “new” healthcare plan, only to have Republicans do the opposite.

Check out these Trump voters who were duped:

You should be worried for a myriad of reasons.

If only you had some sort of warning that Donald Trump was the biggest liar walking on the face of the Earth? If only!

Don says a lot of things, Flippy.

A lot of people are feeling this angst, Joy. That is why Democrats were willing to overlook Hillary Clinton’s email nothing burger and the Wikileaks dumps, because health care would have been protected and at the end of the day healthcare is more important than an official using a private server to receive emails. Duh, now we all suffer.

Because Republicans are the worst, Bob.

Republicans do have a replacement, it’s called the “free market” which worked so well tens of thousands of people died every year.

It doesn’t look like Trump will be “STOPING” lying anytime soon, dear. That’s what he does.

So you see, the greatest trick President Obama ever pulled was making the ACA so likeable that at the end of his term conservative voters would come out fighting for it in the end.

It’s just a shame Republican politicians don’t care.

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