Donald Trump’s Newest Lies Are So Big League Even Fox Won’t Let Him Get Away With Them (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s press conference was so bad, even Fox News is left with their mouths hanging open.

Thursday, our ham-faced president held a lengthy presser that was called to announce his new nomination for the Department of Labor after his initial nominee dropped out. The press conference went off the rails as Trump claimed he was handed a disaster and crooned about his big electoral win. To say he was openly hostile to the press, would be a severe understatement.

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And Fox News’ Shepard Smith could not lie to his viewers — it was bad.

Smith recalled Trump asking for an easy question and asking a black reporter if she was friends with the Congressional Black Caucus:

I couldn’t pick a headline from today. I couldn’t even pick a place to start.

Smith said every time Trump steps in front of a microphone he lies.

Incredulous, Smith told Fox viewers:

Today he said I had the biggest electoral win since Ronald Reagan –he didn’t. He said this repeatedly over and over and over again and every time he says it, it’s not true again. Is it a big thing? No! But he’s the one who brings it up. No one asks him about his electoral win.

Smith also appeared furious the president couldn’t give a straight answer about his campaign’s ties to Russia during the time of the DNC hacking.

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Watch the segment:

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