Grandma Will Be Eating Cat Food Thanks To Trump’s Budget Cuts And People Are PISSED

During the presidential campaign Donald Trump promised that the “forgotten men and women” of America would be forgotten no more under a Trump administration. And Trump is keeping his word when it comes to our elderly and shut-in. He hasn’t forgotten them — he’s actively screwing them over.

In typical Republican fashion Trump’s budget looks to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted. One way it proposes to do that is by eliminating federal funding for the Meals On Wheels program. Not cutting. Eliminating.

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The federal government isn’t the only funding source for most Meals On Wheels programs, so removal of the funding won’t eliminate it entirely. But the loss of federal money will certainly mean that Meals On Wheels programs won’t be able to serve as many people as they currently do.

The news has caused #MealsOnWheels and #LetThemDie to trend on Twitter.

The potential good news in this is that the budget offered by a president is just a suggestion. Congress determines the funding levels and whether or not a particular program will be included or eliminated. Republicans in Congress, already facing a backlash over Trumpcare, may be squeamish about eliminating a program like Meals On Wheels that serves so many people. But the mere fact that Trump’s budget included the elimination of Meals On Wheels shows that the elderly, the voting block that gave him his strongest support, shows that he truly doesn’t give a damn about anybody now that he has gotten elected.

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