Here’s The Utter Stupidity Fox News Is Pushing This Morning

This idiocy deserves a bit of a rant. Fox News is running a Hannity video on its Facebook page asking the imbeciles who actually watch that trash the dumbest question possible:

Huh? Should the President of the United States stop briefing the public on the daily business of the executive branch? Why? Is there not enough secrecy and doubt to go around as it is?

The White House press briefings are just short of a good joke and Sean Spicer is fun to watch as the Trump Kingdom’s jester, so it’s not like ending them would do much other than put a stop to a major source of ridicule, but still…this is the White House we’re talking about. Are they seriously suggesting we the people just be shut out altogether?

The advantage to Fox News, of course, is that all of the information coming from the Orange Foolius administration would come through them. They would, in essence, become state TV. The single voice of the federal government. We would only hear what Fox News was directed to tell us by a president whose claim to fame is how much he lies.

Is anyone else terrified right about now?

Head on over to Sean Hannity on Twitter and Facebook to see the ridiculous comments of morons and the hilarious musings of trolls. It’s about all we have to look forward to anymore.

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