Hillary Clinton Wasted No Time Releasing This Video Explaining What A D-Bag Mike Pence Is (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been going back and forth for a week about whether or not he was going to formally put notorious bigot and extremely under-qualified Indiana governor, Mike Pence, on his ticket. He made the formal announcement Friday morning via Twitter and Facebook, squashing the dreams of hopefuls like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and cheeseburger delivery boy Chris Christie.

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign had an ad waiting in the wings that was obviously designed for the moment Trump pulled the trigger on his VP choice. They just released it to remind the American people that Mike Pence is, in fact, a giant bigoted douche. For those who forget, Pence was willing to cost his state millions, if not billions, of dollars to make legalized discrimination against gay people his legacy.

Pence represents the worst America has to offer, and Clinton isn’t about to let us forget it.

Here’s Secretary Clinton’s video, which was posted to Facebook:

Mike Pence is the most extreme pick since Sarah Palin. If he debates as well as she did we should at least have a great time poking fun at him for years to come. 

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