J.K. Rowling Is Trolling Trumpsters And It’s Everything You’d Hope It Would Be And More

J.K. Rowling has long-held iconic status, especially in the nerdverse, for being not only a world-renowned author but also embodying a level of badassery that many only hope to achieve.

Rowling has made no secret about her views of High Lord Orange Peel so it should come to no surprise that his knuckle-dragging fans have made a point to voice their opinion about, you know, her possession of an actual brain.

Earlier this week, she received a bit of attention with her takedown tweet to Mike Pence. This may be part of the reason the dimwitted Trumpsters are crawling out of the woodwork and on to Rowling’s twitter feed.

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So, the acclaimed author has been on a roll making these imbeciles look even more foolish than they already do. While the current state of the world f*cking sucks, some of these will have you. . . “rowling” (ahhh ha ha ha, bad joke, bad joke).

True justice and correcting this ship will take much time (and work) to achieve. However, the vindication felt when seeing these hateful twits take on a battle of wits for which they are simply ill-equipped to even stumble upon, let alone participate, is a bit of solace, no matter how temporary it is.

For example, this guy clearly has no idea how purchases work or things like toxicity.

Maybe double check word usage before tweeting someone who is one of the best wordsmiths of our time.

And, they just keep going. . .

Oh, hell yeah. That’s just what we all needed right now.

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