Jaw-Droppingly Stupid Responses To Meryl Streep’s Speech From Everyday Trumpster Wingnuts

Late Sunday, Meryl Streep went after Donald Trump during a moving speech given at the Golden Globe awards ceremony.

In her speech, Streep attacked Trump for mocking a disabled reporter, and called on the press to put the spotlight on all his outrages. That she did all this without mentioning his name probably hurt Trump worse than any of her (on-the-nose) remarks regarding his behavior.

But regardless what it did for Trump, it sure as hell stirred up his supporters on Twitter — supporters who were all too eager to show their ignorant asses to the public, per usual standard operating procedure:

Typical conservative virtue signalling on twitter.

Now is this before or after Trump goes to his gated community with his walled mansion?

As opposed to Breitbart, which would never lie to you. Never. Ever.

Shades of McCarthy and his communist witch hunting. 

These responses are the usual responses that you see whenever a liberal celebrity makes the headlines for espousing liberal beliefs. What makes them particularly idiotic is that many of these people whining about celebrities engaging in politics turned right around and elected a celebrity to the office of the presidency.

And that’s before I get into celebrities like Clint Eastwood, who Conservatives never attack for mixing politics and entertainment — no matter how many Republican National Conventions he speaks at.

This absolutely mind-numbing hypocrisy is even more evidence that whatever you do, it’s okay if you’re a Republican.

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