JK Rowling And Her Fans Troll A Book Burning Trumpster Back To The Dark Ages Where She Belongs

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is no fan of Donald Trump. She has made that quite clear on multiple occasions. Her Twitter commentaries on Trump are brilliant, and they’re obviously getting under the skin of the God-Emperor’s supporters.

Rowling has spent some of her time in recent weeks annoying the hell out of Trumpelstiltskin’s fans with her wit and intellect. Her tweets about Trump, and her replies to the comments she receives from Trump’s “poorly educated,” are some of the best 140 character or less commentaries you’ll ever read. On Wednesday morning Rowling was at it again when she tweeted this:

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I wonder if this young woman burned her history books, too. Or if she ever had any to begin with. Because if she was familiar with history she would know that book burning has been a very popular means of controlling information among dictators. In the age of the internet it is largely a symbolic act, but no doubt one of which Voldemort would approve.

Rowling’s fans are far more knowledgeable of history than are Trump’s fans, and the replies to her tweet prove it.

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Others were astounded that the woman could have missed the point of the Potter books.

But this guy wins the award for best comment, hands down.

Reading Ayn Rand and watching vapid tv shows is perfect for the Trump crowd. They can’t be challenged to think, as the tweet Rowling shared proves. That’s what they pay their God-Emperor to do, Harry Potter help us all.

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