JK Rowling SCORCHES Trump On Twitter Over Nazi Riots In Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville, Virginia is in a state of crisis right now.

Nazi and alt-right thugs descended upon the city earlier today, bringing with them the violence they’re known for. Eventually, the governor of the state was forced to declare a state of emergency, as the police moved in and started arresting the Nazi rioters behind the “Unite the Right” rally.

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Just in case you were wondering what kind of people we’re dealing with here, chants included “f*ck the f*gg*t” and “Jews will not replace us.”

So far, multiple injuries have been reported, especially after a car plowed into a group of counter-protesters. The attack was almost certainly an act of terrorism. It just remains to be seen if the so-called “liberal media” has the intestinal fortitude to call it that.

In short, it’s been a busy day and not just for the people in Charlottesville, but also for the people on social media across the nation following this slow motion train wreck.

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Perhaps just as interesting, however, is the radio silence from the president on this matter. Had this been a Black Lives Matter march, you know he would’ve been tweeting up a storm. But, nope — for the most part, comparative radio silence. And what little he did say, was vague and, well, sad.

Even Paul Ryan, the slimiest of slime bags, felt the need to remind us he was a hypocrite on the matter:

Vile bigotry Ryan tacitly supported when he jumped in with Trump. However, leave it to an author to truly highlight the hypocrisy — and not just any author, but esteemed fiction author J. K. Rowling, who burned Trump to the ground on Twitter:


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The real question though is this: do you think Trump has enough self-awareness to feel it?

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