Keith Olbermann Calmly Makes His Case To Trump Fans: ‘There Is Something Wrong With Trump’ (VIDEO)

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is well-known for his red-faced rants against Republicans and Democrats alike. And after recently leaving ESPN he reemerged just in time for the 2016 election with a show on GQ’s online forum with similar brilliant rants against Donald Trump.

But Olbermann’s newest video is different.

He isn’t ranting. He isn’t yelling. Instead, he is directly speaking to Donald Trump’s supporters and calmly asking them why they support a man who clearly has something “wrong” with him.

His video titled “Still supporting Donald Trump? This message is for you” takes on a worried tone over Trump’s bizarre behavior after winning the election. Olbermann’s biggest question is “Who does that!?” and makes the case that clearly there is something amiss with our new President-elect. And he makes the case that this is dangerous and will eventually affect everyone’s lives negatively.

To empathize with Trump supporters, Olbermann recalls his support for Anthony Weiner, the thrice-disgraced progressive politician who is under investigation for soliciting an underage girl online for sex and who once accidentally tweeted a picture of his erm…wiener.

The former MSNBC host says he was duped by Weiner and once thought of him as a great man and politician, but once evidence surfaced to the contrary, he said he was too afraid to even shake his hand publicly. So he understands unabashedly supporting someone only to be dismayed by that person later and having to re-evaluate that support.

Olbermann says:

I have not been where you are right now, but — close. And you are in a terrible position. A man whose opinions you agree with has been elected president is about to be sworn in and yet, I’m pretty sure you know the problem here. You’re smart and generally speaking the only person who can fool you is you. You’re smart enough to recognize something I saw when I first met this man 33 years ago and that is this:

There is something really, really wrong with him.

Olbermann then takes the audience through a litany of “WTF is wrong with this guy” moments of Trump’s starting with his Christmas Eve tweets simply plugging a rerun of a documentary about himself on Fox News. Then there was the Merry Christmas tweet of a picture of The Donald all alone in front of a Christmas tree. No family, no religion, no Santa, no Vice President just Donald alone.

Who does this?

What kind of man obsessively relives and rewrites the outcome of the election? He won! Yet, he’s taken to lying about winning the popular vote, obsessing if he would have beat President Obama if he had been a candidate, and rubbing his win in the Democrats’ faces over and over.

Olbermann makes a strong case that Trump is pathologically unwell and his presidency will not play out well.

But will Trump supporters listen? Have they noticed that there is something wrong with Trump? The only way to find out is by sending the video to them.

Watch the video:

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