Lying Liar Sean Spicer Just Stood In Front Of The Press And Told A BIG LEAGUE Whopper (VIDEO)

Boy, oh boy, the new press secretary is one of the biggest liars we have ever seen and that says A LOT since his boss is Captain Tangerine.

On Tuesday, Sean Spicer gave his third press briefing and once again decided to talk about how much of a winner Donald Trump is. Apparently we are going to have to hear about his election triumph every fucking day forever and ever and ever. Anywho, little Seanie, was asked if Trump is going to investigate the widespread voter fraud by all of those invisible illegal immigrants, he, of course, dodged the question. But, that’s when he looked at the press and with a straight face said this:

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The election is held in our country by Electoral votes. He won overwhelming with 306 electoral votes, the most since any Republican since Reagan.

That would be fantastic…if it were true. Let’s all look and see how much of a lie it is! Here are the Electoral College totals starting with Reagan:

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He didn’t even win by the biggest margin! HAHA! George HW Bush did in 1988. Does this administration think that Dubya was the only Republican since Reagan? Did these people not go to school?

Man…this angry little man behind the podium REALLY needs to get his facts straight. I know he is all about the “alternative facts” but holy cow this is terrible. Every single time he has stood before the press he has just embarrassed himself. I almost feel bad for him, but then I remember how much he sucks and think,”meh, f*ck him.”


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