Poor ‘Christian’ Trumpflakes Melt On Facebook After Court Rules Against Homophobic Florist

A Washington state court on Thursday morning unanimously ruled against the owner of a flower shop who refused to serve a same-sex couple. Barronelle Stutzman, who claimed she was exercising her First Amendment rights, had been fined by a lower court in 2013. She had previously sold flowers to the couple, but refused when they asked for flowers for their wedding, citing her “Christian” beliefs. When KOMO News posted about the ruling on Facebook, the poor little “Christian” snowflakes on the right had a complete meltdown.

Tim Fritz’s comment gives you an idea of how things went.

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He was one of many who didn’t seem to understand the definition of “protected class.”

Cameron Brown tried to explain to the poorly educated.

And he got these replies:

Meghan Leber tried to explain.

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Wes Jones decided to work the “being gay is a choice” angle. He is also apparently unaware that the plaintiffs in the case were male.

The “a business should have the right to refuse service to anyone” argument was very popular.

And so it continued, with over 220 comments and even more replies to comments as of this writing, most of them clueless about the issue. This is not a difficult concept at all.

In America, businesses make extensive use of publicly funded infrastructure: the road or street that allows customers to reach you, the power grid, water supply, fire and police services, etc. Because of that, they are obligated to serve the entire public. “No shirt, no shoes, no service” rules are different because they affect everyone equally. Basically, what most of the people arguing in favor of the business owner are saying is that there should be no protected classes — businesses should be free to discriminate, yet continue to be allowed to use resources made available to them in part by the taxes collected from those they would discriminate against.

If people like Baronelle Stutzman can’t bring themselves to serve everyone, then they should close their businesses. The Bible instructs believers to follow man’s law except when it conflicts with God’s law. It seems that in this case, if she and her supporters truly believe selling flowers for same-sex weddings is a violation of God’s law, then she should stop selling flowers and do something else, because man’s law isn’t going to go away.

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