Russian Diplomat Must Think All Americans Are As Stupid As His Little Puppet Trump

Just like a pussycat will leave its kills at the door of its owner, Donald Trump just proudly put a skinned dead rat on Russia’s doorstep. He fired Comey while the Russians are in town.

Because the timing of the firing of the FBI director wasn’t suspicious enough on its own, now we find out that good ‘ol boy Rex is meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov this morning. In a very odd photo-op for reporters, Tillerson actually said words to the press, which is new, because normally he doesn’t speak to the press at all.

Reporters then asked about the firing of James Comey and Lavrov “played” dumb about the news, saying:

Was he fired? You’re kidding!?! You’re kidding?!?!

Umm, wtf?

Dear Russians, while the man who currently lives in the White House is a petulant child who is likely enjoying a little sack of sugar pigs you just gave him, the rest of us aren’t quite so dumb.

It’s unraveling and they know it.

Watch Sergey Lavrov’s comments here:

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