Scion Of Evangelical Royalty Gets Slap On Wrist For Drive-By Shooting After GOPer Pulls Strings For Him

Odds are, you’ve never heard the name Blake Kenneth Hagin — although if you’re from Oklahoma, the last name may ring some bells. And if it does, that’s because you’re probably more familiar with his great-grandfather, Kenneth E. Hagin, one of the more famous evangelical pastors to come out of Oklahoma.

After all, Hagin founded Rhema Bible Training and the family still runs that school.

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Given the fame of Blake’s great-grandfather, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that his great-grandfather was friends with former Tulsa County District Attorney and current Republican Congressional candidate, Tim Harris. And once you’ve pieced together these three facts, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Harris pulled some strings to keep Blake Hagin from going to trial after Hagin was arrested and charged with a drive-by shooting he and two other teens carried out on the morning of March 10.

If the phrase “affluenza” is ringing in your ears for some mysterious reason, you aren’t alone.

Harris was hired by the Hagin family to negotiate for them, and while the exact details of the negotiation remain unclear, the consequences were spelled out by Harris: “I don’t think that particular case is going to go to trial.”

And sure enough:

Hagin’s attorney, Michael King,  . . . [filed] a motion last week asking to postpone Hagin’s arraignment until Tuesday because he believed “a resolution could be reached” without a trial.

So in what universe does a drive-by shooting result in a slap on the wrist?

One in which you’re white, you’re rich, and you’re the scion of Christian royalty. Which, it should be noted, isn’t the same reality the rest of us live in.

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But repeat after me: Christians are the most persecuted people in the country. Just repeat that until you have the insatiable urge to drive your head into the table multiple times.

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