Stephen Colbert Holds Trump Accountable For Stiffing Kids And It’s A Laugh Riot (VIDEO)

Last night Stephen Colbert introduced us to a whole new group of propaganda performers: The USA Freedom Grown-Ups. The “Grown-Ups” are obviously inspired by the USA Freedom Kids for which Donald Trump has yet to pay after they performed at his Pensacola, Florida rally in January 2016.

Colbert says of the performance:

You may remember the USA Freedom Kids performed at a Trump rally earlier this year and their music sounded like a bald eagle marching on a Casio keyboard.”

I think it’s safe to say most people feel that way about the USA Freedom Kids song. However, we weren’t the ones who promised to compensate them for a performance – no, that was Trump.

The USA Freedom Grown-Ups’ song is a new, improved version of the original.

Donald Trump. Are you serious? Ripping off some little girls. That’s scandalous. Don’t be such a douche. Pay your I-O-Youche. Big orange coward feel our righteous wrath.

Tiny heart! Tiny hands! What kind of monster will not pay a children’s band. That might be your real hair, but you’re a billionaire. Pay people what they’ve earned and release your tax returns. Jerk!

Watch the USA Freedom Grown-Ups debut on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, here:


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  • Xo

    The music was a sample looped from Blondie’s HEART OF GLASS