Stephen King Just Pointed Out The Obvious About Trump But People Will Be Too Offended To Care

First off, let me just say that I do disagree with the label “President Forrest Trump” considering the character Forrest Gump was a kind-hearted, loving individual who possessed more empathy and kindness in his pinky finger than Trump. However, King’s tweet does hit on something that is extremely on point, that will likely go overlooked because something negative was implied about a beloved fictional character.

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The world is a mess right now. We have an unhinged leader who is doing all he can to instigate an attack from any of the other unhinged leaders of the world. It seems Trump REALLY wants a war and it doesn’t truly matter who the enemy is – he has plenty to pick from – so he just keeps poking them.

King says about the current state of the world:

Yeah, the world was a relatively stable place when Obama left. Granted, the same evil dictators and dangers existed, however, that was during a time when we had an intellectual in the White House. We had a leader who was a deep thinker who could see further than the end of his own nose. While Obama certainly had his fair share of hawkish tendencies, and he certainly utilized our military and drones to strike other countries – he at least did so with a vision of something more than just patriotism and machismo.

Trump doesn’t possess a shred of mindfulness for. . . anything.

So, here we are, on the brink of a massive global disaster, with a leader who would like nothing more than to just blow up a lot of sh*t and some fairly unstable individuals at the top of other countries who would love nothing more than a chance to hit the United States.

Meanwhile, the brainless minions who elected Trump seem to be oblivious to the dangers their petulant president is creating for us and the world.

This from the people who are so afraid, they can’t go to the grocery store without packing their gun.

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Bravery and leadership do not simply come from who has the biggest weapons or blows up the most shit. While this seems to be the shallow depth for which many American’s base their worldview, true leadership comes from intellectualism, strategy, taking calculated risks – not just bomb and bomb, bomb some more.

Right now, the lunatic has the machine gun and everyone in the world is dodging the bullets. This isn’t going to end well – for anyone.

But yeah, people should totally take offense about the Forrest Gump thing – that’s clearly the most important take away from the tweet.

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