Texas LT. Governor Goes To DC To Confront Obama–Get’s A POTUS Smackdown On Live TV (VIDEO)

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) decided to fly all the way to Washington to confront President Obama on the issue of violence between police and their communities. Serving the same “you’re being divisive, please turn on the blue lights at the White House” rhetoric that is ACTUALLY what keeps us divided, Patrick got himself a lesson in reality.

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President Obama countered Patrick’s statement with a point-by-point rebuttal for the ages. He reminded Patrick that he’s never shown anything but support for police and that he and the First Lady both have police officers in their own families. He challenged Patrick to find anything he’s said to dispute that. When Patrick reiterated that he just wasn’t sure that the president has done enough to make sure police “feel it in their hearts” that he supports them, Obama pulled no punches.

He hit Patrick with the reality of racial tensions. He reminded him that there are 300 million Americans and that the issue isn’t just going to go away. He also reminded him that he’s a staunch advocate of due process, regardless of how disturbing a video or eyewitness testimony is, and that he and his family rely on law enforcement to protect them every day.

The finishing blow was a volley of facts about how low the violent crime rates have fallen under his presidency. Ultimately, Patrick’s only score here will be a 4-second clip that will make it to every conservative blog asking the president to “turn on the blue lights” like he’s done for “other groups.”

He’s turned on the lights for equality. He’s turned on the lights for progress. Turning on the “blue lights” would accomplish nothing but a wider rift between minority communities and the police. Patrick wants the president to let the police know that he supports them, which he has done unequivocally, by turning his back on the American people and progress.

He obviously hasn’t studied up on President Barack Obama.

Watch the shellacking below, courtesy of ABC:


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