The Talking Yam’s Thursday Morning Trumpertantrum™ May Be His Most Unhinged Yet

So, I’m going to write about the President of the United States, again. And even though it’s been the longest collective menstrual cycle ever experienced by the world, his first 28 days still have not made it possible for me to think the next few lines should be the start of a blog post about the leader of the free world. But, they are.

Donald Trump has been completely unhinged all morning. His ranting began a little after 6:30 a.m. EST and he has continued posting insult laden, exclamation point ending tweets since.

First he started with the stock market, giving himself a pat on the back for something that has little to do with who is the President of the United States.

But, let’s say it does. Let’s say that Trump has impacted the markets because he promises businesses a free pass to go largely unregulated. From cutting environmental protections to doing nothing to guarantee a living wage for all Americans, the market could be responding to the hope of being able to screw the little guy more while raking in even bigger record profits for the money hoarders.

Isn’t this what Cheetolini said he was against, on that one Tuesday? Maybe it was a Wednesday? Regardless, he didn’t mean it and most of us knew it. I’m sure his die hard Trumpkins will celebrate this though with golden dollar signs in their eyes thinking it will somehow benefit them. Ha ha ha!

It won’t.

Trump then spent the last four tweets of his twitter-rant focused on leaks that are real enough to warrant an investigation of who is illegally sharing classified information while calling the news that is reporting it fake. Everything is “fake news” while he basically admits the leaks are actually real information being leaked.

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Low-life leakers. . .

FAKE NEWS! And then he lashes out at the Democrats again, because we are clearly still involved in a presidential campaign. . . Umm, didn’t he say he would try to unify?

And then he is back to the Russian connection story being “fake news” created by the Democrats. Because denial of the claim totally makes sense when railing about the “low-life leakers” and calling in your billionaire buddy to start an investigation of the intelligence community.

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He doesn’t even attempt to hide his petulance, or ignorance, or bigotry, or lying. The only thing this man is consistent in is being a raging lunatic.

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