This Lady Is Trolling Trump Like She’s His Mother And It’s Insanely Funny

She wins all the internets!

On Twitter, Donald Trump’s trolls are numerous and fill his tweet threads with delightful, cutting nastiness day in and day out. But one troll has recently caught my eye and she is winning the internet with her near-constant trolling of our new President-elect.

Bess Kalb is a show writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and also writes for The New Yorker, so being funny seems to be one of her natural talents. But what sets her apart from other funny Twitter trolls is the style she has adopted exclusively for trolling Trump — she seems to be parenting him.

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Because let’s face it, the right wing elected a man-child into the White House. He’s constantly whining on Twitter and has the emotional intelligence of a toddler. He needs a mommy to show him the way. It’s just too perfect.

Check it out:

She even comes up with cutesy rhymes to help him remember what’s important:

Kalb also tweets to Melania Trump in Slovenian and offers to let her stay at her house to get away from her husband. And every time someone tweets an ad for the annoying “Liberal Tears mug” under her comments on Twitter she donates $10 to Planned Parenthood and posts the receipt.

We’re just hoping Donald Trump reads her tweets and learns from Kalb. Obviously, Trump missed a good chunk of his childhood learning valuable lessons about kindness and caring, letting things go, and paying attention, but Kalb is committed to raising Trump right. It’s never too late!

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