Trump Goes Full Intimidator In Latest TwitterTirade™ Laced With Fear And Desperation

Ahhh, another day with a bully in the White House. Isn’t America great again!?!?

Trump started today off like any other day in the White House – we can assume watching television and tweeting about all the fake news. However, today he added just a bit of extra zing to those tweets.

His latest tantrum seems to threaten James Comey like a mafia boss ready to drop a horse’s head in someone’s bed:

What’s that sound like? Fear and desperation of a man who appears to be sitting in the Oval Office on borrowed time at this point. Or, we can hope, at least.

This type of public intimidation in the face of personal failure and deceit comes as no surprise. This is regular status quo for a man who was hoisted into power by buffoons en masse.

Oh, and in case you missed the TwitterTantrum that preceded this threat to Comey, yes, Trump was getting all huffy while watching the news this morning.

OMG! How could we possibly have an expectation of accuracy coming from the White House! Such impossible standards.

Or, you could just tweet your lies. Same difference, really. Although, I’m not sure how we would get through our afternoons without the Spicey Shit Show.

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