Trump Invites Murderous Thug To White House — Right-Wing Rejoices

A few months ago, U.S. ally The Philippines elected their own version of Donald Trump in the form of Rodrigo Duterte. He and Trump are frighteningly similar. Both campaigned as “law and order” candidates. Both regularly use overheated rhetoric when attacking their opponents. And both seem comfortable with the idea of using violence to solve problems.

Now, according to Reuters, Trump has extended an invitation to Duterte to visit the White House next year.

Duterte aide Christopher Bong Go posted pictures on Facebook of the Filipino leader talking to the president-elect on his cell phone. Reuters says Go told them that the conversation included an invitation to Washington for the Filipino leader, who not too long ago called President Obama a “son of a whore.”

Duterte has started a war against drugs that would make a hardened DEA agent weep with joy. But before you think it’s just the “bad guys” who are getting what they deserve, consider what he called civilians who are unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire: “collateral damage.” Yes, this man has actually said that if a police officer kills 1,000 civilians in an attempt to kill one drug dealer, so be it.

And what does the American right think about the man who has unleashed a questionable vigilante war on drug dealers being one of the first foreign leaders to visit the Trump White House? Well, Duterte hates Obama. Do we really need to say any more?

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The site Red State Watcher released a two sentence report on the rumored meeting under this headline: “BREAKING! Look What World Leader President-Elect Trump just invited to the WH.”

And how are Trumpsters reacting to this news? Trump operative Jack Posobiec was so excited he tweeted it twice.

The replies to Posobiec are exactly what you would expect.

Is there any despot, authoritarian or murderous thug Trump and his worshipers won’t support? Apparently not, as long as they are supportive of Trump. The new standard for good diplomatic relations with the U.S. appears to be you have to say something nice about our new god-emperor. Or be willing to put money in his pocket.

Now we know why Trump is draining the swamp. It’s so all the bottom-dwellers will have an easier time crawling out of the mire to flock to his side.

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