Trump Just Proved He’s A Sad Little Child With A Juvenile Threat For Hillary Clinton (TWEET)

By now you may have heard that Hillary Clinton has offered Mark Cuban a front row seat at Monday’s debate. Most pundits agree that it was a psychological warfare tactic, as Cuban is seen as an actual success story while Trump inherited a bunch of money and loves to screw people and file bankruptcy. Cuban is also an outspoken critic of Trump and his ridiculous run for the presidency.

Clinton and her campaign are now sitting back laughing as Trump took the bait, hook, line and sinker, going full toddler with this tweet:

flowersOf course that’s where he went. Gennifer flowers, (he couldn’t even spell it right), who is nothing to Hillary Clinton but a piece of a story from days gone by that she and her husband have clearly moved past, was exactly the response the Clinton campaign must have been hoping for. Only invoking Monica Lewinsky would have been more childish.

It’s been said that the bar for the upcoming debate has been set much lower for Trump than for Clinton. We know his supporters will declare him victorious the second he steps on stage no matter what stupidity he utters when the bright lights come up. With one masterful move, however, Clinton has shown that Trump is still easily rattled and that his massive ego is and always will be what drives him. Having Mark Cuban grinning at him from the front row will make him uneasy. Even more so if Cuban is particularly animated.

And if Gennifer Flowers shows up? The very idea that Trump would invite a woman who made unproven allegations against Hillary Clinton’s husband in order to rattle her is sexist and sleazy, even for Trump. Perhaps he should go the same route Clinton did and simply find someone like Clinton who doesn’t like her but is more successful at what she does.

Oh, never mind. That person doesn’t exist. Well played, Secretary Clinton.

*Update* Trump deleted the original tweet and re-posted it with Flowers’ name spelled correctly. We’ve used a screenshot for posterity.

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