Trump Listens To Aliens, Nixes Funds For NASA Project

We know that Donald Trump doesn’t read much, and he gets much of his information from television and dubious websites. But one item in his recently released budget makes you wonder whether he is listening to fictional little green men, too.

NASA had planned to launch a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa. Scientists badly want to get a close look at the satellite because it is one of the only places in the solar system outside of the Earth where liquid water has been discovered. For that reason they believe Europa could potentially harbor primitive life forms. But Trump’s budget eliminates funding for the Europa landing project. It does, however, leave funds for a planned flyby in place. Now, Trump didn’t get his idea that we shouldn’t land on Europa from the movies, did he?

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The 1984 film 2010: The Year We Make Contact features a plot centered around an alien civilization that turns Jupiter into a second sun so that they can terraform Europa and experiment with the evolution of the life forms that are there. At the end of the movie the aliens send humans a message not to mess with Europa.

Can you just see Trump, sitting in the White House one night, running across a showing of 2010, thinking he was watching the news?

“Oh, no. We had better not mess with Europa! Those aliens look like they’re some bad dudes!! Can we build a wall in outer space? Bannon? Steve-o?!? Take the Europa lander out of the budget!!”

OK, that most likely didn’t happen. But we know that Trump gets a fair amount of his information from things he sees on tv, so with this dipshit anything is possible.

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