Trumpflakes Whining About ‘Disrespectful’ SNL Sounds Like ‘Encore! Encore!’  To Us

Last night SNL provided us with many laughs as it pertains to the nightmare that is Trump’s presidency. Melissa McCarthy was Spicey. Kate McKinnon was racist Jeff Sessions and a fatally attracted Kellyanne Conway. Baldwin’s Trump went to The People’s Court with Putin as his witness. It’s clear that this administration is giving the comedy writers more material than they could have ever dreamed of having.

Trump’s most loyal fans are none too pleased. They complain about the show not being funny. They whine that Trump is being unfairly treated. But, what is taking the cake is they are now crying about SNL being “disrespectful.”

This is, of course, funny because they elected one of the most disrespectful people EVER to be the leader of the free world. Hell, isn’t that what they liked about him? He isn’t politically correct. . .he speaks his mind. . .isn’t that what they clung to while supporting his vile diatribes?

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Yeah, well, I guess that only works for them if the disrespect is aimed at Mexicans, or women, or the disabled, or refugees, or black people, or. . .or. . .or – just anyone but a privileged white billionaire who has duped them all and is now a threat to the entire world.

Awwww, poor little Trumpflakes. Just like their Toddler-in-Chief of a leader, they sure can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Oh no.

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Sounds like SNL just needs to keep doing what they’re doing. What was that saying Trumpflakes had on their shirts while going to the Orange Buffoon’s rallies? Wasn’t it something like the ever so respectful saying, “F*ck your feelings”?

Yeah, well, right back atcha, you little Trumpfluffers.

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