Twitter Blisters Kellyanne Conway In Massive Mockfest Over ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ Lie

Last night, Kellyanne Conway appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews and mentioned a nonexistent terror attack – the “Bowling Green Massacre.” It’s an event that never happened, yet her mere mention of it will be enough for Trumpiots to cling to it for years.

However, Twitter users, including some big names, couldn’t help giving this lie, which will obviously be considered one of Conway’s “alternative facts,” the thorough mocking it deserves.

Wil Wheaton got in on the action, hilariously demanding some “goddamn respect” for the make believe tragedy.

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Others shared their thoughts about the massacre that never happened:

While these tweets and jokes are funny, what isn’t funny is that we now have an administration in the executive branch using the power of suggestion in a flurry of soundbites to plant seeds in the minds of people who will simply believe them. This is the same strategy Trump used on the campaign trail while citing fake stories about thousands of muslims celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11 or citing the dubious legend of General Pershing using bullets dipped in pigs’ blood. The uninformed, uneducated masses eat it up because it appeals to their hatred. Facts are meaningless when people are blinded by confirmation bias.

Meanwhile, Trump and his ilk will continue to discredit the free press as “fake news” to protect their stronghold.

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The biggest disappointment in the interview is the fact that Matthews didn’t immediately call her out on the blatant lie.

This is dark. This is very, very dark.

Watch Kellyanne Conway lie through her teeth, here:

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