Twitter Is Left Wondering WTF After Trump Sh*t In Our Heads At His Bonkers Press Conference

I don’t know what just happened. There I was, hopping around online when I noticed Donald Trump was giving a press conference. I chuckled to myself, “This should be good.”

I was so naive, so young and innocent just an hour ago.

It wasn’t good. It was as far away from good as anything could possibly get. It wasn’t in the same solar system as good.

My head feels like Donald Trump took a shit in it. I feel like I just saw my dad and grandpa tongue kissing while naked. I. Don’t. Know. What. The. F*ck. I. Just. Witnessed. Trainwreck doesn’t begin to cover it. On fire and covered in bees would be a compliment. The fact that I have hair left on my head is a testament to my mental fortitude.

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Twitter didn’t know what the f*ck either.

Here are the 15 best WTF tweets:

If you find yourself with extra time, I think you should watch what just transpired. It’s indescribable with human words in any language.

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Just watch this sh*t:

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