WATCH: A Drug To Cure ‘Trump Induced Anxiety Disorder’ Is What We All Need Right Now

Right now, it’s really difficult to eek out even a giggle let alone a full bellied laugh. The news from the Orange Tyrant’s White House is a constant film roll of shit show. No intermission. No commercial breaks. Just all shit show, all the time.

Well film director Sam Friedlander has come up with an idea that we can only wish was true. In a brilliant parody ad for a drug called Impeachara®, the drug promises a cure for “Trump Induced Anxiety Disorder” (T.I.A.D).

Symptoms of T.I.A.D include things like depression, anxiety, lashing out at friends and family, being in a constant state of rage – well, you know. You’re liking experiencing all of them.

Impeachara® promises to help that but that cure may come with some unfortunate side effects like Cheeto face or shrinking hands.

No really, watch this and then share it with all your friends who may be suffering from T.I.A.D. While Impeachara® is just a hopeful though, this video will at least act as a band-aid for a couple of minutes at least.

Get ready to laugh and watch it here:

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