WATCH: Colbert’s Melania Interview Is SO MUCH BETTER Than That Crap From Fox News (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, came out of wherever she has been hiding a couple of days ago to do an interview with Anderson Cooper. In that conversation she indicated her unhappiness with her husband’s behavior as captured on the now infamous Access Hollywood tape.

But she also wanted everybody to know that the Donald Trump we all saw and heard talking to Billy Bush about forcing himself on women isn’t the Donald she knows and loves. It was all Bush’s fault. Ah, the GOP mantra of “personal responsibility” strikes again!

On Tuesday night Stephen Colbert conducted his own interview with “Melania Trump,” played by lookalike Laura Benanti. As you might expect, the results were hilarious, and sadly far more honest than what CNN viewers got from the real Mrs. Trump. And Colbert’s Melania offered viewers a treat — her opinion on why a woman should be president.

Here’s the hilarious segment, via YouTube:

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