We Convinced A Bunch Of Trumpsters That Lord Cheeto Is Abolishing The 1st Amendment

The emergence of “fake news” onto the social media scene has created quite the buzz around liberal trolls like me who have been screwing with imbeciles on the right for years now. We decided long ago that arguing with them is pointless and changed our tactics to expose just how stupid they truly are. One of the favorite vehicles for that mission is the parody or “poe” page, designed to lure in the dumbest of the dumb for the sole purpose of poking fun at them.

This is where if you’re one of those people who thinks making fun of others is wrong and trolling the intentionally uninformed is somehow immoral, divisive or harmful, you should turn back. These people weren’t swayed by fake news. They weren’t fed real locations like Comet Ping Pong to go threaten with assault rifles. These are keyboard warrior Trumpsters who were always going to vote for him, collected with specifically worded memes and page ads aimed at geriatric Fox Newsers.

In short, we got the lowest hanging fruit possible.

How the page works is simple. We take the current events of the day and twist a story to be so ludicrous that only an idiot could possibly believe it. Then we serve it to 114K idiots. Yesterday’s big story was Trump’s outburst at CNN during his propaganda conference, which was the perfect opportunity to show just how dimwitted his faithful supporters truly are.

Remember that these are the furthest of the alt-right wingnuts. They just spent 8 years railing against government tyranny that never came, declaring their rights to be under siege anytime President Obama spoke. Here’s what we told them in the article posted to the page:

When Donald Trump is sworn in, the White House Press Room, which is a large rectangular room in the West Wing, will become the White House Billiard Hall. After today’s disaster of a press conference, it became obvious to President-Elect Trump that he will have a much different relationship with the press.

In the very first paragraph, we inform them that the press will no longer be briefed in the White House. Then we followed up with a series of statements and quotes that would leave any typical American with even the most basic knowledge of how the 1st Amendment works and what tyranny is utterly shocked:

For fun, we always like to end with a bit of a stab at the heart of idiocy, throwing something ironic, insulting or just plain stupid into the fold for good measure:

That’s right, you imbeciles. Not only will Trump re-write whatever laws don’t suit him, he will dry up aid for the poor and increase the homeless problems in our country just so assholes can feel better about themselves. And how did the intellectually challenged respond? Well, we certainly invite you to go read the comments. We have a fairly large base of liberals toying with them at this point; some who pretend to be them to make unimaginably dumb statements and others who just love to call them names. We highly recommend that you go and pay them a visit.

Here are some of the best and…ahem…brightest comments of the hundreds upon hundreds that have been left:

None of these people get it. None of them ever will. The only hope we have for them is to expose them for how ignorant they are and teach the next generation what NOT to become. What’s truly sad is that of all of the comments, of the hundreds and hundreds just like the ones above, we only found one where someone was upset that Trump was going to abolish the minimum wage.

You can’t teach stupid, but you certainly can point at it and laugh.

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