What Donald Trump Just Did For Charity Is Actually Quite Amazing

Donald Trump isn’t exactly known as a charitable guy. Far more people see him as a vindictive, narcissistic asshole with nothing on his agenda that doesn’t increase his bottom line. His greed is well documented. It would appear, however, that those days are over. Trump’s brilliant plan to make charity great again is working.

The very mention of removing funding from Meals On Wheels has resulted in an increase in donations of 100 times the normal daily take. That means that Trump can now take money from federally funded programs at will and count on the American people to foot the bill instead.

Increasing the burden on the American people may seem a little bit unfair, but compared to the alternative, which is refusing new tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations so needy people can eat or have luxuries like health care or a roof over their head, it hardly seems like a lot to ask.

Just imagine…This could solve everything. The bottom half of America can distribute what little they have to keep people from going hungry and dying while the one percent can keep more, creating a f*ckton of jobs in factories in Mexico and China. Not only is he helping the American working poor, he’s helping the whole world.

The SNAP program could be next. Do you have any idea how many unnecessary aircraft carriers could be built with the $80 billion we waste feeding people? More than half of those people are children. Who isn’t gonna donate to help the kids? In a perfect world, anyone considered “the working poor” would drop to two meals a day to spread the food around a bit.

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It will be glorious. If all goes according to plan, the federal government can step out of helping people altogether and the working, middle and poverty classes can all meld into one glorious heap of servitude to their corporate masters. And to think — we all chastised Trump for being selfish when all he wanted was for the Americans he considers beneath him to pull each other up by the bootstraps and stop being a burden on the 400 American families who own us all.

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