White Supremacists To Proudly Host Right-Wing Rally In Virginia

We hear it all the time from right-wingers — The KKK are Democrats! The Republicans support Black people and were the ones who freed the slaves!

Once upon a time, those may have been true. But as such things often go, there was a gradual change over time — and no clearer demonstration of that is needed than a rally being held in Charlottesville, Virginia. For the second time in six weeks, the KKK is planning to host a rally to protest the removal of the General Robert E. Lee statue.

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And their name for this riot?

White nationalists, white supremacists and members of alt-right groups will gather in the city Saturday at noon for the Unite the Right rally to voice opposition to the decision and assert itself as a movement.

You read that correctly. They’re calling it the “Unite the Right” rally.

The mood in the city not very upbeat, either. The general concern is that the right-wing rioters will bring with them violence, as that usually follows in their footsteps. Organizers for the “Unite the Right” are claiming that it’ll be the “biggest rally event we’ve had this millennium,” although that’s probably not likely. I’d wager money they’ll be dwarfed by the number of counter-protesters, just like they have been in the past.

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Still, it’s worth noting: these are white nationalists, and they are proudly considering themselves right-wingers. Maybe, if you’re a right-winger and you don’t want to be associated with these guys, you should probably start thinking about a realignment of your political views.

I mean, it worked for the Democrats Post-Civil Rights Act when they handed the Southern Democrats to the Republicans. It should work for you, too.

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