YES! Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Will Reunite To Cover The GOP Convention!

Good news, Daily Show fans…The Vulture reports that Jon Stewart will be helping Stephen Colbert cover the Republican National Convention:

Pro tip for anyone who’s been bummed about the absence of Jon Stewart during this election cycle: Make sure to watch Monday’s edition of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. The former host of The Daily Show will appear on Colbert’s CBS 11:35 p.m. program to help kick off two weeks of live editions timed to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Vulture has learned exclusively.

Exactly what he’ll be doing Monday remains a mystery, at least to prying reporters. (A CBS rep declined to comment.) Colbert is anchoring the Late Show from New York, so it doesn’t seem a stretch to imagine — or maybe the word is “pray” — Stewart will be on location in Cleveland as a correspondent at the RNC. (If so, he’ll almost certainly be spotted by one of the thousands of journalists in town to cover the expected coronation of Donald Trump.)

It’s also possible that Stewart’s visit Monday could be nothing more than a quick cameo, as he’s done it before for both the Late Show (on which he serves as an executive producer) and fellow Daily Show colleague Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal. Either way, Jon Stewart + Stephen Colbert + Republican National Convention = is it Monday yet?

So…What will Stewart’s role be? The easy answer is…who cares? For almost two decades we watched with glee as Stewart and Colbert took Republicans to pieces. Hopefully, Stewart’s role is more than a mere cameo, but even that would be welcome news to those of us in old-school Daily Show withdrawals.

Maybe if enough of us tune in they’ll get the hint and bring John Oliver and Samantha Bee back, tear Jordan Klepper from Trevor Noah for a night and give us a heart-stopping half hour of glee that will make our lives complete.

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Nonetheless, with the array of idiots Trump ha slated to speak at the convention, including an impressive list of B actors you’ve never heard of, religious zealots, teahadist congressmen and his children, even a few minutes of Jon Stewart teamed with Colbert will be a welcome sight for those of us who will be forced to watch the stupid until our eyes bleed.

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